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Solstice 4MO

I recently face painted at Solstice 4MO  – a fundraising festival deep in the Sussex countryside for Mo Bourner, a 15 year old boy who was attacked in Bexhill last year. The attack left him with devastating, life changing injuries and his family are raising funds to buy the specialist equipment he now requires and to provide for his future needs. You can read more about Mo and make a donation here.

I felt honoured and privileged to be a part of the festival, to feel the love all around and to be able to help in a small way raising money by face painting the festival-goers. Here are a few pictures of some of the beautiful painted faces.

Please go to The Mo Bourner Appeal website and make a donation



CV Dazzle Update!

Further to my recent blog post on CV (Computer Vision) Dazzle, developed in the US by artist and designer, Adam Harvey, I’m proud to announce that he has taken an interest in my take on this anti-surveillance artform. Check out what he has to say about my work on his website ( )

Inspiration: Check out these awesome CV Dazzle inspired face paintings from UK artist Celestielle Paint  ( ).   Kids can hate big brother too!”

Picture taken from  by Adam Harvey

His groundbreaking work is receiving a lot of media attention around the world and is currently exhibiting in the US and Europe. Have a look at his other anti-surveillance work on   – it’s pretty cool…..

Face Painting Party

Had a great day painting faces at the weekend. Big thanks to Will of Will Suttill Photography for the photo shoot and to stylist and blogger, Chelsea Dean, for the styling tips. Looking forward to working with you both again soon! Here’s a sneak peek of one of the designs – watch this space for the rest!face painting zebra print

CV Dazzle – Face Painting Style

I recently discovered Dazzle Camouflage  - a form of camouflage developed during the first world war to hide a ship’s size and speed from the enemy and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! If you are not familiar with this ‘art form’, here’s a link to wikipedia, where it is explained far better than I could!

Image taken from Wikipedia - Painting of Dazzle-ships in Drydock at Liverpool, by Edward Wadsworth, 1919

I then discovered that dazzle camouflage had been reinvented for our surveillance society, where it’s known as CV (computer vision) Dazzle – Face paint to fool computers! Basically, by breaking up the facial features used by the computer programme to identify faces – placement of eyes, nose etc, the software is unable to recognise faces or even see them as faces at all. In these days of CCTV, automatic face recognition and tagging on facebook and the like, this could be a useful way of hiding from the machines. In the words of a good friend of mine – “You’ve got a market for bank robbers, rioters and fare dodgers!” (I’m joking, of course!)  Take that, Big Brother!

Here’s a couple of examples of my take on the art form, inspired by the work of ahprojects.comFace painted CV Dazzle Camouflageblack and white CV dazzleFace painting CV dazzle camouflage


Why I love face painting

I’ve had a busy few weeks – lots of children’s parties, fundraising events and the all-important painting the kids at home! Painting faces never fails to give me an enormous buzz and always puts a huge smile on my face, no matter what else is going on in my life. I’ve been reflecting on what it is I love about face painting so much and thought I’d share the list with you.

face painting swirlsI love the instant connection I get with a child from the minute they sit down in front of me and we start discussing face painting designs, their favourite colours and (normally with the girls) how their chosen colours will co-ordinate with their party outfit.

I love the sweet conversations we have whilst I’m painting them and the look of intense concentration on their face, as they try their very best to keep really, really still.

I love the way they always screw their whole face up tightly when I ask ‘can you close your eyes for me’ – I always have to demonstrate and explain ‘like this – pretend you are asleep’….

I love, love, LOVE the look on their face as I hold up the mirror for them to inspect their finished face – the split second of non-recognition, followed by the massive smile and twinkle in their eyes as they realise my face painting has surpassed all their expectations.

face painting green monster

I love the way children come back again and again, asking for ‘another look in the mirror’ and the huge grin that follows once they’ve checked the face painting is still intact and they’ve managed to eat all their party food without smudging it.

I love that the minute I sit down with my kit laid out, I am ‘in the zone’. I have attended parties where I am situated 2 feet away from the bouncy castle generator for hours (a shocking racket, I can assure you), where I’ve been by the speakers blasting out awful Katy Perry/Justin Bieber/CBeebies hits and other ghastly pop songs and where there are 180 small children screaming, dancing and racing around in excitement. BUT the moment I pick up a brush or sponge, the background noise seems to disappear and all that exists is my kit and the eager little face sitting in front of me.

I love my kit – I’m incredibly ‘OCD’ about it and like nothing more than cleaning and organising all my paints, brushes and glitters and making it all look neat and pretty in my kit box.

face painting pretty eye design I love experimenting with new colours and designs and I love browsing the web, being blown away by the ability of face painters across the world.

I love coming home from an afternoon’s work covered in glitter! I can’t think of many other jobs where this would happen!

I am very fortunate to have such a fulfilling and creative job and can’t think of anything else I would rather be doing….

Tots that Rock!!

We’ll be at the Tots That Rock Disco in Shoreham next Sunday 26th February, from 2.30-4.30pm. Come down and say Hi if you are in the area

face paint tots that rock disco

Brighton Face Painting Jam

It’s been a week now since I attended the South East FACE Fun Day aka The Brighton Jam – organised by the ever fabulous Naomi Gay of NamNams Face and Body Art – FACE rep for the South East. My beautiful henna tattoo, courtesy of Caroline from Hill’s Entertainment is fading fast now (Thanks, Caroline! and lovely to meet you) and I’ve shaken the last of the glitter from my hair, so I thought it was about time I shared my experience.

I had a fantastic day – seeing so much face painting talent in one room was incredible and awe-inspiring.  Despite this being billed as the South East Jam, people travelled from all over the country to share tips and techniques, demonstrate how to use the latest face painting materials and designs,  make new friends, eat lovely food (the buffet lunch was pretty awe-inspiring too! – I kept going back for more all afternoon!) and generally geek out in the crazy, colourful, glittering world that is professional face painting.

I learnt some great techniques for creating monster faces from Liz Bylett of Follies Face Painting Academy, which I was able to put straight into practise at a gig the following day. A highlight for me was watching the beautiful pregnant belly painting by Carol Sloane of Sparkles - I took a couple of pictures on my phone, which I’ll try uploading. She is one talented lady! I’d love to have the opportunity to try my hand at this art form, so if you know any one who’s pregnant, pass my details onto them :-)

pregnant body art, face painting

Pregnant belly art by Carol Sloane of Sparkles Face Painting

Another highlight was seeing all the variations of kit people use and asking what the various odd-shaped brushes people had were used for! It was also good to get advice from more experienced artists about what I needed to add to my kit – and what I could safely ditch! I also loved having the opportunity to browse round the various traders’ stalls – so much better seeing the products for real, instead of having to try and guess what the colours are like online. Needless to say, I picked up a few face painting goodies, which I’ve been experimenting with all week…

So, big thanks go to Naomi for the invite to come down and looking forward to the next jam.


Happy Halloween!

It’s been a busy few days for us, with lots of scary face painting going on. Pleased to say our fabulous scary skeleton was featured on The Guardian’s website today! Here’s a screen grab:

skeleton face painting featured on Guardian website


rYico fundraiser

We were at The Prestonville Arms in Brighton on Saturday, face painting at the Children’s Fun Day. This was a fabulous fundraiser organised by photographer, Jackie McCullough and local author and illustrator, Catherine Grimaldi – with all the all proceeds from the day going to rYico – the Rwandan youth charity. Had such a lovely time painting so many cute little faces and chatting with all the lovely children who came along – and such a worthwhile cause too!

New face painting residency!

Komedia BrightonDelighted to announce that I’ll be resident face painter at Komedia, Brighton at the fabulous Electric Cocktail monthly club night - A unique new club night featuring live music from ‘PlayDate’ featuring the stunning Dobi Kwe, followed by DJs playing the best underground electronic music, past and present.