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Brighton Face Painting Jam

It’s been a week now since I attended the South East FACE Fun Day aka The Brighton Jam – organised by the ever fabulous Naomi Gay of NamNams Face and Body Art – FACE rep for the South East. My beautiful henna tattoo, courtesy of Caroline from Hill’s Entertainment is fading fast now (Thanks, Caroline! and lovely to meet you) and I’ve shaken the last of the glitter from my hair, so I thought it was about time I shared my experience.

I had a fantastic day – seeing so much face painting talent in one room was incredible and awe-inspiring.  Despite this being billed as the South East Jam, people travelled from all over the country to share tips and techniques, demonstrate how to use the latest face painting materials and designs,  make new friends, eat lovely food (the buffet lunch was pretty awe-inspiring too! – I kept going back for more all afternoon!) and generally geek out in the crazy, colourful, glittering world that is professional face painting.

I learnt some great techniques for creating monster faces from Liz Bylett of Follies Face Painting Academy, which I was able to put straight into practise at a gig the following day. A highlight for me was watching the beautiful pregnant belly painting by Carol Sloane of Sparkles - I took a couple of pictures on my phone, which I’ll try uploading. She is one talented lady! I’d love to have the opportunity to try my hand at this art form, so if you know any one who’s pregnant, pass my details onto them :-)

pregnant body art, face painting

Pregnant belly art by Carol Sloane of Sparkles Face Painting

Another highlight was seeing all the variations of kit people use and asking what the various odd-shaped brushes people had were used for! It was also good to get advice from more experienced artists about what I needed to add to my kit – and what I could safely ditch! I also loved having the opportunity to browse round the various traders’ stalls – so much better seeing the products for real, instead of having to try and guess what the colours are like online. Needless to say, I picked up a few face painting goodies, which I’ve been experimenting with all week…

So, big thanks go to Naomi for the invite to come down and looking forward to the next jam.