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Pucker up, Princess

Quick little body painting I did to practise shadows and highlights. The juxtapositioning of the ‘Princess-style’ lips and the horror fangs amused me! xx

face painting body art, halloween, horror, 3D painting


face painted dark butterfly design

face painted Halloween design

A couple of simple face painting designs that would be good for Halloween…

Had fun the other night playing around with face paints and working out a couple of designs. I like the Goth Girl butterfly – dark, but still keeping it pretty and delicate.


I’m not too sure about my version of a heavy metal classic, tho. ┬áMaybe it’s those psychokiller eyes?

Halloween face paint zipper eye

This classic design, using a real zip and lots of red face paint, would be really scary, if it wasn’t for that cute little face underneath the gore.




skeleton skull face painting designHere’s a little skeleton design I did – scary or just cute?

Pumpkin halloween face painting design



“I’m a funny old orange pumpkin head”